The Svalbard found the wreckage of a Russian Mi-8

The wreckage of a Russian Mi-8 helicopter was discovered on the seabed near Svalbard. On Sunday, 29 October, reports TASS with reference to the rescue coordination centre for Northern Norway.

“The wreckage of a Russian Mi-8 helicopter who were reported missing since October 26, was found at the bottom of the sea at a point located 1.2 nautical miles (2.2 kilometers) to the North-East of Cape Heer at a depth of 209 metres. Search and rescue operation is completed. The police will be responsible for the operation to search for the bodies of the victims,” — said the rescuers.

On the evening of 28 October on the help of Norwegian colleagues went employees of the EMERCOM of Russia. If they had taken part in the search, not reported.

Russian Mi-8 crashed on Thursday, October 26. On Board besides the crew of three on Board were five employees of the company “Arktikugol”., none of them survived.