The President of Iraqi Kurdistan has decided to retire

The President of Iraqi Kurdistan has decided to retire

Permanent since 2005 the leader of the Kurdish Autonomous region Massoud Barzani relinquishes presidential powers. He notified the regional Parliament, proposing to divide presidential powers.

Massoud Barzani, who since 2005 is the leader of Iraqi Kurdistan (Kurdish autonomy within Iraq), will leave the post of President from November 1, reports Reuters with reference to the representative of authorities of the autonomy.

About his plans to leave the post Barzani said in a letter sent to the Parliament of the region. It Barzani proposes to divide the powers of the presidency between the government of the autonomy of the Parliament and the judiciary.

The presidential term expires Barzani on 1 November. On the same day was scheduled the presidential and parliamentary elections. However, last week it was announced that the elections have been postponed indefinitely in the conditions of aggravated crisis with Baghdad.

The escalation of the conflict in the region began after September 25 in Iraqi Kurdistan held a referendum on independence. The majority of voters supported the secession of the autonomy from Iraq. Baghdad outcome of the referendum is not recognized. In addition, the Iraqi authorities have decided to cease flights to Kurdish capital Erbil.

On 25 October, the government authority has proposed to freeze the results of the referendum on independence, to defuse the acute crisis in the region.

Massoud Barzani is the President of the Kurdish autonomy since 2005, in 2009 he was re-elected. Despite the fact that in 2013, his term of office expired, Barzani refused to leave his post. Its powers were extended by Parliament until 2015, and then for another two years.