The Kurds were charged Jihadi Jack

In the Syrian Kurdistan has charged 21-year-old Briton Jack Letts known as Jihadi Jack, accusations of collaboration with the “Islamic state” (IG, is prohibited in Russia). About it writes The Independent.

Letts, captured in may 2017 and held in prison in Qamishli, claims that it opposes ISIS.

Jihadi Jack embraced Islam in 2014, when I was in school at Oxford. In the same year he left the UK and arrived to the middle East. In Iraq he got a family and child.

Parents Letts denied that he went to Syria to fight for ISIS. They sent a petition to the government alleging that their son is held in a secret prison, similar to the us Guantanamo Bay, located on the territory of the Syrian Kurds. According to them, the UK has not done enough to help Letts Jr. Letts ‘ parents are now under investigation for financial aid son.

The representatives of the Kurdish authorities, in turn, claim that they have captured from ISIS in full compliance with international law, despite the terror, who were militants against the inhabitants of Syrian Kurdistan. They add that after a full investigation is ready to release the terrorists in those countries from whence they came.

“Islamic state” is a banned terrorist group that seized in 2014 part of Syria and Iraq and proclaimed a Caliphate there. With ISIS fight, in particular, the armies of these countries, the coalition headed by the USA and Russia. According to British intelligence MI6 in Syria and Iraq fought about 400 subjects of the United Kingdom, while a member of the house of Commons, Khalid Mahmood called another figure — 1.5 thousand people.

The most famous of them, in addition to Jihadi Jack — Jihadi John, he’s a Briton of Kuwaiti origin, former programmer Mohammed Amazi and four-year Jihadi Junior ISA Dar, which brought to the middle East inspired by Islamism mother.