The canadian beat daughter for refusing to wear hijab

Inhabitant of the canadian city of Gatineau was charged that he during the year, beat his own daughter for refusing to wear the hijab. About it reports CTV News.

It is known that 35-the summer man was attacking the daughter with a gun, and threatened her with death.

Police call the episode “the violence of honour” (similar to an honor killing).

On 23 October it was reported that the inhabitant of the Egyptian city El-Giza killed his five year old daughter after she was unable to do the homework that she was given in kindergarten. A child with bruises all over her body was taken to the hospital, and doctors reported the incident to the police. It was found that the father beat the girl with a plastic pipe after he learned that she didn’t complete her homework. Neighbors of the family said that they had heard the child’s cries, but was unable to protect her.