Seal found the best place for sunbathing

Seal found the best place for sunbathing

In Utqiagvik in the North of Alaska on Monday was relatively Sunny. Therefore the 200-pound seal decided to take advantage of a rare opportunity to sunbathe.

The place he chose, from the point of view of the seals, the most suitable runway of the local airport barrow.

Brigadier Scott Babcock, who just cleared the runway of snow after a night of storm, I noticed an unexpected guest, and began to remove it on video.

The video he later posted to Facebook with the caption “Man at leisure”.

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“It was very strange to see a seal. I have seen a lot on runways, but the seal is never,” admitted Babcock in an interview with ABC News.

The staff of the office for the protection of wild nature accompanied the seal to the sea: there the animal will be much safer, reports Mashable.