Richard Branson hopes to fly into space on his ship in seven months

Richard Branson hopes to fly into space on his ship in seven months

The businessman intends to make space travel to tourist spacecraft SpaceShipTwo model of Unity, which develops his company Virgin Galactic.

NEW YORK, October 29. /TASS/. British entrepreneur Richard Branson expects that within seven months I’ll be able to make suborbital space flight to develop his firm ship. About this businessman said on Saturday during a speech at the business forum Global Synergy Forum in new York.

Owned by Branson’s company Virgin Galactic has previously conducted a series of tests of its SpaceShipTwo tourist vehicle of model Unity. It is expected that the device should soon make a suborbital space flight. According to the businessman, it could happen “within three or four months.” “And then, I hope that in another three months I will go into space myself,” added Branson.

The Unity model was presented in February this year, and her first trial flight took place on 8 September. The model created to replace the sample that crashed about half a year ago. In appearance it is virtually indistinguishable from the previous model called the Enterprise, which crashed in the Mojave desert in southern California in October 2014 when performing a test flight. According to the experts who studied the circumstances of emergency, one of the causes of the crash then was pilot error.