Musk showed a photo of a segment of a tunnel under Los Angeles

Musk showed a photo of a segment of a tunnel under Los Angeles

Entrepreneur Elon Musk posted on his Instagram the first photo of the underground tunnel under Los Angeles who builds his company and The Boring Company.

Twitter Musk added that so far dug about 152 m of the tunnel, and after three or four months should be dug about three kilometers.

The Boring Company tunnel under LA

Publication of Elon Musk (@elonmusk) October 28 2017 at 1:51 am PDT

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Musk founded the company in December 2016. Underground tunnels, as conceived by the inventor and businessman, will help relieve traffic congestion. He wrote on Twitter: “traffic Jams are driving me crazy. Will build the machine for digging tunnels and start digging. Call it The Boring Company”. Boring translates to English as “drilling”, and “boredom”.

The Boring Company is also building an underground tunnel for another project Mask: high-speed Hyperloop transport system. It consists of a sealed pipe tunnel, from which pumped out almost all the air. Through this tunnel on the basis of contactless will move the train, the speed of which, according to estimates, could reach up to 1200 km/h because of the lack of friction and air resistance.

At the end of July Musk has received the consent of the US authorities on the establishment of a Hyperloop tunnel, which will connect new York to the capital Washington. The creators of the Hyperloop is expected that the travel time is only 29 minutes.