“Invaders” Odessa cemetery of the Ukrainian aviation were the builders

At the scene

The police of the Odessa region has denied claims by the military about the capture of the local military unit. There came the usual builders, announced the TV channel “112 Ukraine” Advisor of head of the regional Central Board of the National police Ruslan Forostyak.

“The police went to the scene and found that the construction work referred to, occur in the area adjacent to the military part of the territory that is beyond its borders,” he said.

According to him, there was no “titushki” (young athletic build, used to power support), no people in balaclavas. “Normal construction process”, — said Forostyak.

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He added that the workers had built there a fence enclosing the area allocated by the authorities for construction of a hypermarket. Allegedly removed from the military unit property Advisor called debris.

Chief editor of the Odessa edition “Timer” Yuri Tkachev noted that the fence, judging by the photos, is actually installed outside the territory of the military facility. “There is a version that the authors (military — approx. “Of the tape.ru”) yesterday, very grieved in honor of the expulsion of the Nazis from Ukraine, and that’s why it is so” — he wrote in Facebook.

Meanwhile on YouTube there was a video shot at the scene. The footage captured a lot of branches and other debris, as well as excavator, around which gathered several dozen people. The faces of some of them are really hidden by balaclavas, but they do nothing.

Video: InfoResist – Intresest / YouTube

On attempt of capture of the military base А3571 earlier on October 29 reported the press service of the command of Air forces of VSU. The military published photographs, which show people in balaclavas and accused the raiders in the dismantling of barriers and the export of military equipment.

This part is the aerodrome School, which, according to the open data stored dismantled and mothballed aircraft, particularly the su-27, MiG-21, MiG-23 and MiG-25 and other aircraft. The edition “Duma” called this place the cemetery of the Ukrainian aircraft.

Background: In the cemetery of the Ukrainian fighters in Odessa was attacked by 40 people in balaclavas