Interpol explained the reason for the removal request on Browder from its database

Interpol explained the reason for the removal request on Browder from its database

Request for William Browder, who has previously been circulated in the Interpol database, is recognized as inappropriate. He previously Browder stated that the organization rejected the request for his arrest.

The request for financier William Browder recognized as non-conforming to the rules of Interpol and removed from the database. This is stated in the answer of the press service of the organization to a request to RBC. The response at Interpol called explanation of “several erroneous messages and assumptions about the actions of Interpol in relation to William Browder”.

In respect of Browder was requested”mailing list” (difussion), which is one of the countries on cooperation, distributed directly between the countries that comprise the organization. Diffusion-query can be used to request the arrest or receiving the location of the person in connection with the investigation, noted on the organization’s website. Interpol review such requests for compliance with the rules of the organization after the fact.

“Query (diffusion) in relation to Browder, who was recently circulated, nonconformed during consideration by the General Secretariat. All information relevant to the query were removed from the database of Interpol, which was notified of the participating countries”, — stated in the message.

Interpol reminded that when the deletion request of one of the countries will be notified all the member countries, they are also asked to remove all data about the request from the national database and does not use Interpol channels in relation to this case.