In the cemetery of the Ukrainian fighters in Odessa was attacked by 40 people in balaclavas

About 40 unknown people in balaclavas tried to take over part of the territory of a military facility in Odessa. On Sunday, October 29, reports RIA Novosti with reference to the command of the air forces of VS of Ukraine.

According to the Ukrainian military, the incident occurred this morning around 8:45 (9:45 GMT).

“Unknown persons, who position themselves as representatives of the shopping center Citi Center, dismantled the fence of the military unit А3571 and carried out the withdrawal of military property in an unknown direction”, — informs the command in Facebook. What sort of property it is, is not specified.

Currently on-site emergency work, military service law enforcement, the military Prosecutor of the southern region and representatives of air command “South” of air forces of VSU.

On the territory of the military unit А3571 is an airfield of the School, which, according to the open data, are dismantled and mothballed aircraft, particularly the su-27, MiG-21, MiG-23 and MiG-25 and other aircraft. “Duma” called this place the cemetery of the Ukrainian aircraft.

On October 21 in Odessa region law enforcement authorities detained the captain of the APU, which was suspected sale of explosive devices. 27-year-old man in July, sold two structurally modified mobile phone as well as educational and military detonators. For this he received 2.6 thousand UAH (5.6 thousand). Investigators believe he illegally kept explosives and manufactured bombs.