In Surgut the fitness club, responded to accusations of nationalism

Two residents of Surgut, who previously complained about the inability to enroll in a local fitness club Platinum, refused to pass not because of the national factor, said managing sport Anastasia Anchugova. Her words quoted by the radio station “Moscow speaking” on Sunday, October 29.

“In our club involved people of different nationalities, different backgrounds. There is an area martial arts, a group mainly composed of people of Caucasian nationality. Why they could refuse — maybe because they act like something aggressive with the administrators or managers of the club. We had a lot of different situations, was fight,” she said.

Anchugova noted that the authors of the movie will be able to get passes to the fitness club after the scanning, if the information about them will not cause issues at security. “I don’t see anything wrong with that, have been working on this scheme and never had any problems. People who come, and that we require a copy of your passport is not issued immediately, there are such,” added the management.

Earlier on Sunday, two residents of Surgut has released a video message in which he said that are unable to enroll in a fitness club because of the appearance. In their opinion, the reason for the refusal was that they belong to “persons of Caucasian nationality”. The characters in the movie turns to describe that the security service took copies of the passports and promised to contact after checking out.

Background: Two residents of Surgut were not allowed in the fitness club because of the appearance