In Kazan dvuhsotrubley began to sell for 300 rubles

Kazan store “World coins” posted on the website Avito announcement of the sale of the 200-ruble notes for half of face value.

It is noted that you can buy banknotes AA series. On the banknote depicted the symbols of Sevastopol.

Materials on теме15:46 — 12 April 2016From bills Why Bank of Russia introduces new money

The Central Bank introduced a new banknote 12 Oct. The symbols on the new money, were chosen according to the results of the national contest. As a result, the banknotes in denomination of 200 rubles, a monument to the scuttled ships, and views of the Chersonese, and the two-thousand-dollar bill — famous places of the Far East (the bridge on island Russian cosmodrome East).

Design notes upset former artist of Goznak Yuri Koverdyayev. He said that they do not fit into the current row of ruble banknotes, and is too reminiscent of the currency of foreign States. At the same time the General Director of “Goznak” Arkady Trachuk said that the design of all ruble banknotes is time to change.