“Discount period”: the unusual initiative of bar in Israel

“Discount period”: the unusual initiative of bar in Israel

One of the Israeli bars in tel Aviv offers a 25% discount on drinks for women during them “critical days”. This action in the Anna Loulou bar called “bloody hour” (the”bloody hour” or “bloody hour”) — similar to traditional promotional action “happy hour”.

Two women, who share, say 25% discount — the recognition of the fact that the woman during menstruation deserves a more attentive attitude.

They also hope that this approach will help to make the topic of menstruation more open to discussion, including on the part of men.

Discount will be provided for those women who say that they now have “critical days” — no evidence to show don’t need clients to believe in the word.

The bar owner Anna Loulou say that women deserve this small gift, though, because that time of the month is 25% of their life.

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“The idea is to give the woman a discount, attention and care. We say: we understand your position, we know that you’re in a special situation, and we want to give you a gift,” — said the owner of the bar Moran Barir in an interview with the Israeli newspaper Haaretz.

According to Barer, the idea to introduce such a discount she got when she ordered wine at the bar and the bartender forgot what kind of wine she asked me to bring red or white.

“I just said, here is how you find easier to remember — I now have “critical days”, so bring me red” — told Baron.

Discounts at Anna Loulou bar will be provided on Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays.