Walker reported “active discussions” to supply lethal weapons to Kiev

Walker reported “active discussions” to supply lethal weapons to Kiev

The US special envoy to Ukraine Kurt Volker believes that the supply of arms to the one who is protected, should not cause questions.

The special representative of the US state Department at Donbass Kurt Volker said that Washington is “actively discussing” the supply of lethal weapons to Ukraine. Such a statement he made in an interview with Reuters in Kiev, where he arrived on a working visit.

“Nobody gets upset when someone is protected, unless it is a aggressor, so this issue should not be controversial”, he stressed.

Speaking about the ongoing conflict in the Donbass, Walker stated that this is due to “Russian aggression”. However, he noted that awareness on the part of Russia that violence is contrary to its interests, may change the behavior of Moscow.

“Russia continues to hold the territory, keeping the conflict alive, hoping it gives her some leverage over Ukraine,” said Walker. “In fact, I believe that there is the opposite effect. This led to the fact that Ukraine has become more cohesive, more nationalistic, more anti-Russian, more Pro-West than ever”, he added.