US coalition responded to the accusations in the transformation of Raqqa in Dresden 1945


The command of the US-led international anti-terrorist coalition does not agree with the statement of the Ministry of defense of Russia that the Syrian raqqa during the operation to liberate the city from the militants of the terrorist group “Islamic state” (IG, is prohibited in Russia) was “erased from the face of the earth”, like German Dresden in 1945. About it RIA Novosti said the representative of the coalition Colonel Ryan Dillon.

“We make great efforts to prevent casualties among the civilian population than anyone and anywhere. The damage that was caused to raqqa, lies entirely on the IG,” said Dillon.

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“Of all the munitions that we dropped over the three years, less than one percent, to be exact — 0.3 percent resulted in civil victims,” he said.

The destruction of civilian infrastructure in Dillon explained that raqqa for more than five years has been the scene of armed conflict between several warring parties.

Accusations against the United States, the Russian Ministry of defense issued 22 Oct. The representative of Department major General Igor Konashenkov said that “raqqa has inherited the fate of Dresden in 1945, erased from the earth, the Anglo-American bombing.”He also pointed out that during the operation to liberate the city killing many civilians.