The Russian Ambassador in Washington refused to be afraid of new us sanctions

Anatoly Antonov

Russia’s Ambassador to Washington Anatoly Antonov commented on the new anti-Russian sanctions that may be imposed by the US. The words of a diplomat quoted by RIA Novosti.

“All of the desire to use these sanctions against Russia, against our President, they are clearly doomed to failure. We are not afraid of sanctions. We will survive,” — said Antonov.

“But I firmly believe that when we Americans stick together, we can defeat any enemy,” he added.

Antonov also reminded that Moscow wants to develop equal and pragmatic relations with Washington. “The field for cooperation is great, rich. It all depends on the political will of our esteemed colleagues from the United States,” said the Ambassador and expressed hope that Russia and the United States will be able to implement all the plans for the development of bilateral relations.

In the night of Friday, the New York Times published a list of organizations against which the United States is going to impose restrictions. It includes 33 Russian companies. Among them are “Dry”, “Tupolev”, “MiG”, “Kalashnikov”, “Izhmash” and “Rosoboronexport”.

Background: the Department of state has published the new list fall under the sanctions of Russian companies