The police became interested in Smirnovka the cat in the wall with Muscovite

Moscow police conducts an investigation after the emergence of on the Internet video where the girl beats up the kitten and then throws him into the wall. On Saturday, October 28, RIA Novosti reported the press service of the MIA.

Previously, the network began to spread the recording, posted online by Muscovite Svetlana Darsalia. After the publication of zhivoderskie video on the girl’s barrage of attacks in social networks. Almost every post and photo of the girl in “Vkontakte” appeared the angry comments, insults and threats.

In August, the court sentenced Khabarovsk slaughterer, who killed the animal, removing the process on camera. Two girls and a young man found guilty and sentenced to various terms of imprisonment.

The state Duma has already introduced initiatives to increase the penalties for cruelty to animals. Their consideration was postponed every time, although the President of Russia Vladimir Putin had urged Parliament with the adoption of amendments to the law “About responsible treatment of animals”.

Background: Muscovite threw the kitten against the wall and have incurred the wrath of the network