The gullible Ukrainian St. Petersburg twice allowed the fraud to take his money

In St. Petersburg posing as police scammers fraudulently took the citizen of Ukraine 1.3 million rubles, and 5 thousand dollars. About it reports to “Fontanka”.

According to the publication, on 25 October a Ukrainian on the street faced six attackers, who surrounded him, had the police and took 1.3 million rubles, and a thousand dollars. The next day, the swindlers came to the man home, got written permission to search the apartment and took another four thousand dollars.

To this, the victim approached police only on October 28.

In June last year in Moscow were convicted of the gang members under the guise of police officers robbed 20 million rubles passengers at Vnukovo airport. At the disposal of the bandits were carrying Kalashnikov assault rifles, ammunition, walkie-talkies, police uniforms and several cars.