The court cancelled a sentence to Express for the repost of cartoons with Jesus

Victor Nochevnov

The Central district court of Sochi overturned the conviction of Victor Nochevnova, who was fined for the repost of cartoons with Jesus Christ. This “OVD-info” said the lawyer of the group “Agora” Alexander Popkov.

Nochevnova the case sent for retrial, sochintsev left under house arrest. About the reasons for the revision of the “OVD-info” reports. As written October 24, the “Caucasian knot”, the additional examination of the cartoons showed that they allegedly intended to insult the feelings of believers.

In August Nochevnova was fined 50 thousand rubles for the repost in “Vkontakte” of cartoons where Jesus Christ is depicted including a dancing at the stadium and engaged in sports equipment.

The court found Nochevnova guilty of “insulting religious feelings of believers” (part 1 article 148 of the Criminal code).

As noted in the verdict, a resident of Sochi, according to the judge, “were influenced by ideas, expressing extreme intolerance to the adherents of Christianity — the Christians, the result of which was to oppose the accepted social norms and values, to show aggression to the above group of believers, and all believers”.

Background: the inhabitant of Sochi has condemned the cartoon in “Vkontakte” with a dancing Jesus