SBU pardoned by max Korzh

Max Korzh

Belarusian singer max Korzh lifted the ban on entry to Ukraine. This is with reference to a document of the security Service of Ukraine informs a portal “Crimea.Realities”. The Department considered that the rapper does not threaten national security.

However, in the SBU said that the artist still face administrative responsibility for the visit to Crimea without the consent of Kiev.

Korzh announced a ban on him to visit Ukraine in February 2016. “In official lists of banned me there, but still no entry”, he wrote. The SBU then explained that such measures were taken because of the performances of the singer in the Crimea in 2014.

The cake became famous for his songs “Heaven help us”, “love”, “Moth”. In the band’s 28-year-old singer and rapper five Studio albums.