Pandas turned out to come from Europe

Pandas turned out to come from Europe

Bear, much like the modern Panda, lived in Hungary 10 million years ago. Have European ancestors bamboo bears even had a similar diet, found paleoanthropologists from Canada.

Giant Panda (Ailuropoda melanoleuca) is found only in forested mountain ranges in Central China. Charming bears eat bamboo leaves and stems, despite the fact that their digestive system is the same as in carnivores. Black-and-white bears are the only surviving members of the subfamily Ailuropodinae and part of a larger family of a bear.

Nobody knows how evolved the giant Panda. During their studies the experts rarely come across the fossils of ancestors of the reed bears, so the origin of this species is also hotly debated, and evolution of man.

Paleoanthropologist David Begun from the University of Toronto have unearthed the remains of the teeth near the village Rudabanya in Hungary. The areas of the previously found the remains of rodericus, possible ancestor of African apes and ancient humans.