Scientists: marriage and close friends protect against dementia

Scientists: marriage and close friends protect against dementia Communication can reduce the risk of developing dementia, scientists have found. A substantial role is played not by the number of friends and degree of closeness with them. Marriage and close friends may protect against dementia, say researchers at Loughborough University. The study, whose results were published in the edition of Journals of Gerontology (“Journal of gerontology”), lasted almost seven years, there were 6 677 people. None of the participants initially did not suffer dementia, but in the course of the study, this diagnosis was 220 patients. The scientists compared the data of those who had identified dementia and those who were not exposed to it, to understand how social connections influence the risk of disease. One of the discoveries was the fact that it is important to “quality”, not quantity of friends. “You can surround a large number of different people,

Metro figured out a way to warm the crowd near the Vykhino

Passengers awaiting transport from the metro stations “Vyhino” and “Kuzminki” will distribute free tea. The journalists said the first Deputy head of the Moscow metro on client work and strategic development of the Roman Latypov, reports the Agency “Moscow”. According to him, the passengers around the clock to inform about the ways the passage of more than 80 people. In addition, there is an ad in trains, on escalators and stations, also enhanced work desks. October 28 was temporarily closed section of the subway between the stations “Vyhino” and “Kotelniki”. It will open on 4 November. The restrictions associated with the works on construction of a tunnel for the Kozhukhovskaya line, which will be held from the district Nekrasovka through the area Kosino-Ukhtomsky, Nizhny Novgorod, Vykhino, Zhulebino and Ryazansky. To travel to and from existing stations free organized compensatory bus routes. “Vyhino” to extend the Tagansko-Krasnopresnenskaya line in the direction

The police became interested in Smirnovka the cat in the wall with Muscovite

Moscow police conducts an investigation after the emergence of on the Internet video where the girl beats up the kitten and then throws him into the wall. On Saturday, October 28, RIA Novosti reported the press service of the MIA. Previously, the network began to spread the recording, posted online by Muscovite Svetlana Darsalia. After the publication of zhivoderskie video on the girl’s barrage of attacks in social networks. Almost every post and photo of the girl in “Vkontakte” appeared the angry comments, insults and threats. In August, the court sentenced Khabarovsk slaughterer, who killed the animal, removing the process on camera. Two girls and a young man found guilty and sentenced to various terms of imprisonment. The state Duma has already introduced initiatives to increase the penalties for cruelty to animals. Their consideration was postponed every time, although the President of Russia Vladimir Putin had urged Parliament with the

Putin awarded the atomic scientist has an accident

The Creator of the housings for nuclear reactors, Professor George Karzov got in dorozhno-transport incident in the Vsevolozhsk district of the Leningrad region. A scientist in a critical condition in hospital, reports on Saturday, October 28, portal Resource information, the car driven by 78-year-old Karzov, October 27, about five o’clock in the evening flew into a ditch at the 26th kilometer of the highway “Sortavala”. Also in the cabin was 80-year-old wife of a scientist Galina. At the time of writing the Professor’s state Karsava is estimated as steadily heavy. Georgy Karzov — doctor of technical Sciences, Professor, one of the leading experts working in the field of material science and structural strength of materials for nuclear energy. In 2005 he was awarded the title of honored worker of science of Russia. In 2013, the President of Russia Vladimir Putin presented to George Carzou state prize in science and

Found in Iraq mass grave of those killed by militants of the military

Found in Iraq mass grave of those killed by militants of the military It is located near the city of El Huveydzha. CAIRO, October 28. /TASS/. Mass burial of Iraqi soldiers killed by militants of the terrorist group “Islamic state” (IG banned in Russia), discovered near the town of al-Huveydzha located in the North-East of Iraq. On Saturday the TV channel reported Al Arabiya, citing a statement by the joint command operations. According to the army command, in the exposed burial “are the bodies of 50 government soldiers and police, tortured or killed by terrorists during armed attacks near El Huweidi”. The statement noted that in the near future experts will start to work on identifying all of the discovered remains of the Iraqi military. Indicates that in early October of this year near the village of Abu Sahra, located in the South-East of El-Huweidi have already been found by

Rada has discussed with Volker, the deployment of peacekeepers in the Donbass

Rada has discussed with Volker, the deployment of peacekeepers in the Donbass Deputies of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine met with the special representative of the US state Department, Kurt Volker and discussed with him the location of the UN peacekeeping mission in the Donbass, as well as the release of prisoners, said the head of the parliamentary Committee on foreign Affairs Anna hopko. Hopko also said that handed over to the us special representative letter from the relatives of prisoners of Ukrainians. “Meeting with Kurt Volker. Discussed developments in the promotion of the Ukrainian concept of the UN peacekeeping mission among international partners, the bill in Parliament, which is preparing for the second reading on the recognition of the Russian aggression of the occupied territories; the provision of defensive weapons,” wrote hopko in Facebook. During the download an error has occurred. As reported by the portal October 6,

The Catalan government has refused to recognize his removal from power

The Catalan government has refused to recognize his removal from power The regional authorities are going to continue to work and begin to implement the measures contained in the Declaration of independence. Moscow. 28 Oct. INTERFAX.RU — the Regional government of Catalonia, dismissed the Prime Minister of Spain, Mariano Rajoy, plans to try to continue working, according to the Agency EFE, citing people familiar with the situation sources. According to them, the Catalan government does not intend to recognize themselves removed from power. Moreover, they plan to begin to implement a number of steps stipulated in the Catalan Parliament approved the Declaration of independence. In particular, dismissed the leaders of Catalonia want to analyze the situation after the initiatives of Madrid to restore constitutional order in the territory. Shortly after this message, the chief Executive of Catalonia, Carles Putteman said that does not recognize the order of Madrid, his removal

The chief of Toro Rosso explained the expulsion quata

Daniil Kvyat The head of the team “Formula 1” Toro Rosso boss Franz Tost has explained that Red Bull refused to cooperate with the Russian pilot Daniil Kviat is due to a lack of confidence and poor results. The words of the functionary on Saturday, October 28, results Motorsport. “For Daniel, the season was extremely unfortunate. There were many technical problems beyond the control of Daniel he had nothing to do. But he also made some mistakes. Both sides lost confidence in each other. In such a situation it is better to stop working — this gives Daniel the chance to find another team and evaluate their future,” said a Toast. According to him, the decision of Red Bull has also affected public quata questions about its prospects on the team. The head of Toro Rosso said that he continues to believe the Russian pilot. It is noted that Kvyat

Madrid found a replacement for dismissed Catalonia Podemno

Soraya Saenz de Santamaria Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy has delegated to his Deputy Soraya Saenz de Santamaría temporary performance of duties of the head of Catalonia. On Saturday, October 28, reported in official Gazette of the country. Santamaria was appointed to this position after the removal of Carles Pokdemon. The Catalan Parliament declared independence from Spain on October 27. The decision was made by secret ballot. Before the procedure, left the room, the deputies from the opposition parties opposing the separation region. For an exit from the country voted 70 deputies, against — 10, 2 MP abstained. On 1 October, the region held a referendum on independence. More than 90 percent of those who voted for secession of Catalonia from Spain. The Central government tried to prevent the holding of the plebiscite, including power methods. Suffered 893 people. Madrid of the will recognizes and considers his results null and void.

British sailors fired after a binge of cocaine and prostitutes

Submarine type “Vanguard” Nine British sailors, who served on the nuclear submarine “Vidzhilent” (HMS Vigilant), fire in the blood of divers have found traces of cocaine. Reported by the Daily Mail. Military personnel suspected of organizing parties with drugs while the submarine was on a mission off the coast of the United States. In addition, one of them was accused of having sex with a prostitute in the pool. One sailor awaits a military Tribunal due to the fact that he, without the permission left, to see a girl. Two of them left the service amid a scandal. In early October, the captain of the “Vigilante” was removed from the command of the boat over an affair with a subordinate. A female officer also fired. For the same reason later dismissed Deputy commander and engineer. As the newspaper notes, in the end of the service on the “Vigilante” for various