British sailors fired after a binge of cocaine and prostitutes

Submarine type “Vanguard”

Nine British sailors, who served on the nuclear submarine “Vidzhilent” (HMS Vigilant), fire in the blood of divers have found traces of cocaine. Reported by the Daily Mail.

Military personnel suspected of organizing parties with drugs while the submarine was on a mission off the coast of the United States. In addition, one of them was accused of having sex with a prostitute in the pool.

One sailor awaits a military Tribunal due to the fact that he, without the permission left, to see a girl. Two of them left the service amid a scandal.

In early October, the captain of the “Vigilante” was removed from the command of the boat over an affair with a subordinate. A female officer also fired. For the same reason later dismissed Deputy commander and engineer.

As the newspaper notes, in the end of the service on the “Vigilante” for various reasons was removed about 10 percent of the members of the crew of 168 people. This is one of the biggest scandals in the history of the British Navy, the newspaper said.

“Vidzhilent” — class submarine “Vanguard” (Vanguard). She is stationed at the naval base Clyde in the region Argyll and Bute in Scotland. This is one of four nuclear submarines of Britain, armed with ballistic nuclear missiles “Trident” (Trident).