A drunk priest was hit by a pensioner-cyclist in Shuya

The priest behind the wheel of the Nissan Primera was hit by 55-year-old cyclist in Shuya, Ivanovo region. The victim was taken to hospital with head injuries, reports local news portal “Ceneselli”.

The incident occurred on the evening of 26 October. A servant of the Church moved down the street of Sverdlov. The woman went on the road from the yard and landed under the wheels of his car.

According to the publication, the vehicle driven by the rector of the Baptist Church of the village Parsky kineshemskaya diocese hieromonk Protoleon (Belozertsev), and at the time of the accident he was drunk.

Concerning the violator administrative protocols.

At the end of September in Surgut fined the priest, who was caught by traffic police as he sat behind the wheel while intoxicated. The penalty is collected from it because he had the guards actively resisting arrest.