The Shawarma were allowed to call charmoy

At the Institute of Russian language named after V. Vinogradova consider the possible inclusion of the word “Shawarma” and its other variants in dictionaries. This was stated by the Agency “Moscow” leading researcher of the sector for theoretical semantics Irina Lewontin.

“It would be good to include all words that really function. (…) I think that if we are talking about a large dictionary, it would be good to include a variety of options — and the “Doner kebab”, “Shawarma”, “swarm”, and describe how it is distributed, where this word is used”, — she said.

Friday, October 26, the Institute received a letter from the Deputy of the Petersburg legislative Assembly Alexey civileva with a request to include in the dictionaries of the Russian language, the word “Shawarma”. The appeal came after Tuesday, October 24, the Governor of St. Petersburg Georgy Poltavchenko in an interview used the word “Shawarma”, which is the Moscow version of the name of this dish.

Poltavchenko said that around the metro stations in the city will only newsstands, flower stands and theatre tickets, and “pies with Shawarma” and other trade objects will be removed.