Rescuers found a likely crash site of the Mi-8 in Svalbard

Rescuers found a likely crash site of the Mi-8 in Svalbard

Search teams have found a place where I could sink crashed near Spitsbergen, the Russian Mi-8 helicopter. This was stated by the head of the coordinating rescue centre Northern Norway Tour, Hongset.

“The search area was discovered where the smell of spilled fuel hardest, and from the bottom rise the air bubbles. Sonar one of the vessels also shows that there is at the bottom of a large object. This may indicate that in this place is the helicopter or large chip”, — TASS quoted a rescuer. Mr. Khongsit said that to confirm this theory will only be possible after a detailed study of the impact area using unmanned submarines.

Yesterday 2-3 km from the port of Barentsburg fell into the sea a Russian Mi-8, flying from the mining town of Piramida. Reports of emergency situations from the crew were reported. At about 16:35 Moscow time the helicopter disappeared from radar.

According to the Consulate General in Svalbard, all passengers and crew members — Russians. Rescue service of Norway argues that none of them survived.