New nature photography contest National Geographic

New nature photography contest National Geographic

Ongoing international contest of National Geographic for the title of best photographer of nature.

Contest National Geographic Nature Photographer of the Year Contest accepts works of photographers in the category “Landscapes”, “wildlife”, “Underwater photography” and “Aerial photos”.

The editors of the “News Mail.Ru” publishes the most vivid pictures of new participants.

Kvitoya, an island in the Arctic ocean.

Two walruses on the ice in front of boys, Kvitoya (Bely island) in the Svalbard archipelago. The remote island is almost completely covered by a thick ice cap.

Tula oblast.


Noviny, Subcarpathian Voivodeship, Poland.

Pulp-Beach, FL.


The water of the island of Dominica, Caribbean sea, Atlantic ocean.

Scoresby Bay, Greenland.

British Columbia, Canada.

Sydney, Australia.

Deming, United States.

Amboseli, Kenya.


Lake Natron, Tanzania.

Goodland, Kansas, USA.

The winner of the contest National Geographic will receive $7,500 and the opportunity to publish their pictures in the magazine. The prize the leaders in other categories $2500. Photos for participation can be sent until 17 November.