Navalny commented on the nomination Sobchak for President

Navalny commented on the nomination Sobchak for President

Opposition leader Alexei Navalny for the first time commented extensively on the intention of TV presenter Ksenia Sobchak to participate in the presidential election (official announcement she made last week, when Navalny was serving an administrative arrest).

“I have the only comment on her nomination. Ksenia Sobchak, as a Russian citizen older than 35 years and not being in prison, he may nominate his candidacy in the elections,” said opposition leader in the air YouTube-channel “Bulk Live”.

He explained why I would like to limit their comments on the nomination Sobchak: “We want to be smart or stupid? If we are going to discuss, we will be fools. Want me to say, I discussed it. To appeal, criticism of each other, the call for the debate. Me too waiting for the people in the Kremlin. And I’ll try to make sure not to give them this pleasure.”

Navalny said that, being under arrest, has reviewed the letter of Sobchak, published on the website “Vedomosti”, in which she declared intention to participate in elections. “My name is in the letter is mentioned four times, and Putin’s name once. Thank you that she remembers about me. But I will not be able to repay the same. Are or will be candidates [Gennady] Zyuganov, [Grigory] Yavlinsky and others. If you need to talk about them, then I will speak. But let’s not be fools and let’s not play the game that you expect from us,” said Navalny.