Mizulina prevented to take abortion from the MMI system

Elena Mizulina

The state Duma rejected the bill on the withdrawal of abortion from the compulsory health insurance (CHI) and the introduction of penalties for this procedure in private clinics. It is reported RIA Novosti on Thursday, October 26.

In the profile Duma Committee on health protection came to the conclusion that this initiative contradicts the laws guaranteeing women the right to decide independently the question of motherhood. According to the parliamentarians, the bill may lead to an increase in the number of abortions, is dangerous to the health of the patient.

Earlier, a group of deputies headed by Senator Elena Mizulina introduced the bill in the lower house of Parliament. It provided for the possibility of abortion at the expense of the budget only subject to the availability of medical or social reasons. For abortion outside public health facilities parliamentarians proposed to penalize citizens for 150-200 thousand rubles, and legal entities — in the amount from 500 thousand to 2.5 million rubles or administrative suspension of activity for up to 90 days.

According to the authors of the bill, in terms of the demographic crisis in Russia, the problem of abortion is emerging as a national threat. Earlier, Patriarch Kirill compared them with alcoholism and drug addiction.

In December 2016, the government rejected the petition on the withdrawal of abortion from the system.

At the end of September last year, she spoke against a complete ban of this procedure, because it is impossible. She noted that because of abortion in the society, the growing aggression, which is based on guilt.