“If he calls me, I know that voice in three seconds”. How people live who are being chased by fans, strangers and former partners

“If he calls me, I know that voice in three seconds”. How people live who are being chased by fans, strangers and former partners

Boris grits, attacked a leading “echo of Moscow” Tatiana Felgengauer with a knife, stated that he knew her since 2012, through “telepathic contact”. In the Internet found a diary of men, where he writes that the consequences for her “can be very unpleasant.”

A relative told grits that he was trying to find out the home address of the journalist. Indirect threats and harassment, especially on the Internet, often not taken seriously — they can even call with compliments or attention. In fact it is usually the history of psychological — or even physical — violence. “Medusa” publishes stories of people who faced persecution.

Elena Stanikova, TV presenter

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It all began five years ago. I’m a news anchor on television, and at some point began to notice that every night at the television station I’m greeted by the same machine. Expensive black Lexus. Few weeks her owner knocked on my door in the “Classmates”: peppered with compliments, said that watching all of my ethers, and watching me. I went to his page and saw photos of your own car! Asked to remove them and stop stalking me. Removed, but the next day I saw him again near the office. He’d been out at least three times a week. I asked him in social networks, what he wants from me — he’s not calling me to meet, writes under a pseudonym and doesn’t even tell his real name. Replied that just wants to look at me.

I was not myself, I blocked him in Facebook. He started a new account, then another and another. Wrote to all available social networks: Facebook, Twitter, “Vkontakte”.

I told him not told — neither my husband nor brother nor parents. What would I have told them — that’s stalking me man? So in fact he is nothing wrong with me does not. Just walks home from work, sends screenshots of esters, photos of the car. I was silent, but I was scared — including the fact that I didn’t understand what he wants.

After a year I decided to find out, offered to meet. He reluctantly agreed. Came with a huge bouquet of roses, told me he loved me and asked for the phone, because he needs to hear my voice. I tried to explain that I have a husband and two children, there is no need to call us. Then he threw the flowers to my face: “I’m watching you, I have a right to know your number!”.

Drafting a psychologist is the only one who was aware — advised to ignore it. I did so and blocked all social media. But almost every day for the next four years saw him looking out the window of the Studio.

When I left for vacation, he with another new account in social networks sent me a photo of an empty Parking space, which usually is my car. I couldn’t bear wrote: I’m out of town! Don’t come here! But he said he can’t get rid of it. “I go here as a job. The only thing I ask of you — don’t shut me out, I need this, I love you. Used to. When will you be back?”.

Over the years I also used to — have transformed your fear into a story, which itself came up with: going to work, follows me black Lexus, and I imagine that this is my guardian angel.

This year he began sending me mini-movies with my participation: here I go, here drive, here for some road food. And the soundtrack is his breath. I was again covered with fear. I told my colleagues, and a week ago took it on video and posted it on Facebook. He wrote immediately: “Take it away, and I will forever be gone from your life!”. Since then, under Windows I can’t see it. Friends advised to go to the police: but what? To take pictures, shoot videos, watch, write, and breathe behind the scenes is not a crime. And how to explain to our society that I don’t want to wait for the crime — I don’t know.

Irina Vasilyeva (name changed at the request of the heroine), marketer.

We dated for six years. He hadn’t treated me seriously three years we did not advertise a relationship: not living together, not familiar with each other’s parents. Until he decided that it seems that nourishes feelings for me. Manifested it is strange: on the one hand, we began to plan for the future. We went on vacation together. He was coming to visit, when the house was my parents. One day, we jokingly came to the registry office — but a “beautiful date” 09.09.09 was busy. On the other — every day he showed me that I was his property. Dictated, what to wear, who to talk to if I was somewhere without him — asked me to send a photo to verify that I am exactly where you say. Slighted me because I was cheating on him, which was not true. It was said that “I’m not sure I am worthy to be his wife.” I broke down and said that we should break up.

At first he behaved like an ordinary man, who wants to return the beloved persuaded to change the decision, wrote a tender message, sends flowers to work, seriously asked me to marry. After I change my mind, offered to be friends. Several times we met for coffee. It seemed that everything is fine.

And then he began to come to me at work and home. I waited at the bottom. I called you dozens of times a day. Gentle free gave way to aggressive: you have to go back. He did not do anything, but I felt some danger. I began to see colleagues out of the house — parents. When I came out of the door with my dad, he didn’t come, but sent the message: “If you continue to hide behind dad — I’m sure something will.” I was afraid for dad.