FBI document: the USSR believed the Kennedy assassination conspiracy Vice-President

FBI document: the USSR believed the Kennedy assassination conspiracy Vice-President

WASHINGTON, Oct 27 — RIA Novosti, Alexei Bogdanovsky. The Soviet leadership thought that the assassination of U.S. President John Kennedy in 1963 was a conspiracy, and not rule out that the conspiracy could be involved Vice President Lyndon Johnson, said in a declassified FBI document from 1966.

Johnson became US President after Kennedy’s assassination in November 1963.

According to the FBI source in the KGB rezidentura in new York, in 1965, Soviet intelligence agents given the task to develop information about Johnson, his personality, biography, personal friends, family and all who support it. “Our source added that in the instructions from Moscow said that “in the moment” KGB possesses data that allegedly show that President Johnson was responsible for the murder of the late President John Kennedy. The headquarters of the KGB gave to understand that in the light of this information the Soviet government it was necessary to know what the personal relations of President Johnson with the Kennedy family, especially President Johnson (the brothers of the President — ed.) with Robert and Ted Kennedy”, — stated in the FBI document, which is signed by its then Director J. Edgar Hoover.

Another source, who was in the Soviet Union, told the FBI in 1963 that the leadership of the Communist party of the Soviet Union considered the killing the result of an internal conspiracy in the United States.

“According to our source, officials of the Communist party believed that it was a well organized conspiracy by “right-wing” in the United States to make a “coup”. It seems that they were convinced that the murder was not the work of one man, but was the result of a carefully planned campaign, in which he played the role of a few people,” — the document says.

“They (the leadership of the Communist party — ed.) believed that these elements (members of the conspiracy — ed.) wanted to use the murder and to play on anti-Communist feelings in the United States, and then to use it to stop the negotiations with the Soviet Union, to attack Cuba and then to make a war. As a result of this conviction the Soviet Union once was in a state of high alert,” — said in the report.