Cuban authorities said the source of “acoustic” attacks on U.S. diplomats

The U.S. Embassy in Cuba

Cuban investigators believe that the “acoustic attack”, which, according to the U.S. state Department in Havana suffered more than 20 diplomats, could be the chirping of crickets or cicadas. About it as transfers TASS, reported in the report shown live on Cuban television.

Were analyzed three audio recordings of the noise which, according to the American side, has caused harm to the health of diplomats. “The sound on these records was very similar to the sounds that emit certain types of insects, particularly crickets and cicadas. These insects are throughout Cuba. They were found near the places of residence of the U.S. diplomats” — said in the report.

The investigators noted that long-term human exposure to sounds produced by the cicadas or crickets, can lead to hearing loss, high blood pressure and cause irritability.

The Cubans stressed that the island has no equipment that could be used to commit such attacks.

In addition, the Cuban authorities had not received any medical reports about the condition of alleged victims of diplomats. Interviewed neighbors of American diplomats no abnormal sounds are not heard and health problems experienced.

Previously, the Agency Associated Press, which received the appropriate audio, also described the disturbing sound as “high frequency sound of crickets combined with scratching nails down a chalkboard”. The Agency said that the record was sent for analysis in the laboratory of the Navy of the United States, but experts failed to understand how she is hurting diplomats.

About some incidents on the island, which suffered the staff of the American Embassy and their relatives, it became known in August. Diplomats complained of symptoms such as hearing loss, nausea, headaches and balance disorders. The state Department said that the “incidents” began to occur starting from the end of 2016.

Washington reminded the Havana international obligations to protect diplomats, but the Cuban government involvement denied.

After that, the administration of President Donald trump ordered to send from the Embassy of Cuba in Washington on 15 diplomats from the inability of Havana to take appropriate measures to protect American personnel.

Background: trump claimed responsibility Cuba for “acoustic attack” on the U.S. diplomats