VTSIOM: for most Russians, the gender of the President doesn’t matter

VTSIOM: for most Russians, the gender of the President doesn’t matter

According to a survey by the all-Russia centre of studying of public opinion (VTSIOM), 54% of respondents to the question, whom would they have voted in the presidential election, choosing between candidates men and women under equal conditions: age, education, experience, responded that gender does not matter.

“However, Patriarchal attitudes are still strong: 38% ‘d rather have a man. For the woman would be voted by 5% of respondents”, — TASS quoted the survey.

Choosing women candidates, respondents report that those “it may be better to run the country”, noted women’s peacefulness, practicality, and prudence.

Voting for the men believe that the policy of “not for women” because the main task of women is to care for the family. In addition, they consider women less strong and more emotional.

The idea of introducing quotas for women in government today supports 51% of Russians expressed against 38% of the population. About 10% of respondents believe that women in the political sphere should not be quite.

Also respondents were asked about the equality of rights of men and women. According to 22% of respondents of both sexes, the equality is disturbed about injustice more likely than 18-24 year olds (30%). That the rights of men and women are respected equally, 73% agree.

The survey was conducted on September 17-18, using telephone interviews among 1,200 Russians.