The names of the passengers and crew members disappeared in the Arctic helicopter

Russian energy Ministry announced the names of passengers and crew disappeared in the Arctic of the Mi-8 helicopter, which was leased from the company “Arktikugol”. On Thursday, October 26, according to RIA Novosti. Emergency involving the aircraft occurred near the Spitsbergen archipelago.

On Board were employees of the research Institute of the Arctic and Antarctic Oleg Golovanov, Nikolai Fadeev and Maxim Kaulio. The crew consisted of commander Eugene Baranov, the second pilot Vladimir Frolov, flight engineer Alexei Paulauskas, the technique of Marat Matarawa and engineer Alexei Korolev.

According to the Norwegian border guard, who leads the Agency FlashNord, all eight people died.

The search for the aircraft continues, but so far to no avail.

The helicopter was headed in Barentsburg, where the mine company “Arktikugol”. According to “Interfax”, the distress signal was not served.

The disappearance of the aircraft became known earlier, on October 26. Accurate data about what happened, it was not.

Background: in the crash of a Russian helicopter off the coast of Norway killed eight people