The electric vehicle enters in a traffic

The electric vehicle enters in a traffic

Traffic on gyrometer and Segway will adjust the rules.

The use of the citizens of gyrometers, Segway, monowheels and other personal electric vehicle may be governed by the rules of the road. The need for adjustment of legislation on behalf of the first Deputy Prime Minister Igor Shuvalov will work for the interior Ministry within the framework of a plan to reduce accidents at pedestrian crossings. Traffic police together with experts will also consider the strengthening of sanctions for pedestrians-violators.

The newsof the traffic police: to control seguem law is not an nujnim traffic police refused to consider Segway vehicle, as urged by the Deputy of the state Duma

The first Vice-Premier Igor Shuvalov gave a number of instructions following a public discussion of a plan to reduce accidents at pedestrian crossings. According to traffic police, from the beginning of 2017 in Russia was 33,6 thousand arrivals on pedestrians citizens, of which 19.6 thousand accident — at fault drivers.

Kommersant managed to familiarize with the text of the instructions. In particular, we are talking about the responsibility of pedestrians, violating traffic regulations. The fine is 500 rubles., and for cases when a citizen drunk – 1,5 thousand rbl. For drivers do not give way to the pedestrian, the fine is 1.5 thousand rubles, while the state Duma has passed the law increasing the penalty to 1.5-2.5 thousand rubles (not yet in force).

Mr Shuvalov instructed the Ministry of internal Affairs and “Open government” along with “expert organizations” to determine whether “the same responsibility” for pedestrians and drivers. “The statistics we see that part of the accident happens because of pedestrians, violating traffic regulations, so the proposed measures are necessary, above all, for their own safety, not to mention the other members of the movement”, — explained “Kommersant”, the representative Igor Shuvalov.

Another Commission for new types of electric vehicle — Segway, gyrometers and monowheels. The use of these vehicles is not regulated, thus they are actively involved in the movement, especially in large cities, explained to “Kommersant”, the representative Igor Shuvalov. Ministry of interior, the Ministry of transport and “open government” needs “to study the question of determining the status of” citizens using the “modern technical means of movement”, submitted proposals to the White house.