Rustam Minnikhanov spoke in defense of the Tatar language

Rustam Minnikhanov spoke in defense of the Tatar language

President of Tatarstan Rustam Minnikhanov commented on the language conflict that arose after the inspection of the Prosecutor’s office on behalf of Vladimir Putin on voluntary study of the national languages. He is opposed to the Supervisory authorities “terrorized Directors of schools”, and expressed fears that the conflict can take advantage of the “oppositional structures” and the situation can be bad “in relation to our President” on the eve of elections in 2018, which should “organise” school. Head of Tatarstan said that the Republic will find “shared solutions” with the Federal government. The speaker of state Council Farid Mukhametshin assured “Kommersant” that the country will achieve preservation of the Tatar language in schools as a compulsory subject.

On Thursday, the state Council of Tatarstan, as well as wrote “Kommersant”, the question was raised about the teaching of the Tatar language in schools. Discussion about language broke out in the Republic after the order of Vladimir Putin the Prosecutor General to check the schools for a voluntary study of the national languages. The Supervisory authorities began to demand from local schools exclusion of the Tatar language from mandatory programs to elective, which aroused the indignation of the Tatar community.

Thursday at the building of the state Council, gathered several dozen of Tatar activists. Several times they performed the song “Tugan tel” (tat.— native language) on poems of the poet Gabdulla Tukay (the unofficial anthem of the Tatar people). MPs, activists handed Tatar alphabet. Some parliamentarians supported the action and singing activists.

At the meeting, several MPs, including head of the Committee on education and national issues Razil Valeev, head of Executive Committee world Congress of Tatars Rinat Zakirov, Director of the House of peoples ‘ friendship of Tatarstan Irek Sharipov suggested to include in the agenda the discussion of the situation with the language.

The MP from the “United Russia”, Director of the Kazan gymnasium No. 102 Irina Bakova said about the “pain” school heads: “What was a serious reason to radically change a week all what has been established in educational institutions for many years?” According to the Vice-speaker of the state Council Rimma Ratnikova, teachers complain that “to 22 nights they call from the Prosecutor’s office, not only prevent, but also afraid of criminal cases”.

Unacceptable she called holding parent meetings in schools, where “children should be divided according to nationality”, so they chose what language to learn as a mother. “The best way to destabilize the situation in the Republic does not think”, — said Vice-speaker.

The Deputy Nikolai Rybushkin advised to be “careful with the accusations of the Prosecutor’s office”, since this situation may be to blame the deputies and the Executive power of the Republic.

“Not my fault! Attorney spring said that there were no irregularities,” he defended the regional government, the speaker of state Council Farid Mukhametshin, warning that the Council will need time to “comprehensive” review of the issue.

“We have gone too far. We’re back in the 90-ies. How was it possible to make the society to share when we have any questions on international relations were not?” the President said Rustam Minnikhanov, of which the language situation is not commented.