Russia sent into orbit the inspector

Russia sent into orbit the inspector

Military tested in action unique maneuvering satellite identification and interception.

Space forces of Russia successfully tested a maneuvering military satellite inspector, able to fly up to other orbiting vehicles and to inspect them.

Such devices will allow to determine the functionality of foreign spy satellites, and, if necessary, to create space satellites-fighters.

According to local experts, maneuvering satellites, the inspectors will be an important element of the Russian orbital constellation, they’ll play the role of a tool of deterrence in the military space race.

As have informed “news” in the Ministry of defence, in trials for the management of maneuvering a military satellite was tested both terrestrial and orbital communications, tested methods of ballistic calculations and new software. Confirmed the capabilities of the Space forces at the automatic disengage of the satellite platform-remote control its flight, using the on-Board equipment, including surveillance equipment, and send the obtained data to the earth and processing them.

According to “Izvestia”, during testing of the maneuvering satellite undocked from launched 23 June 2017 space platform “Space-2519” and began Autonomous flight. First, he changed the orbit, and then managed to get back to the platform and produce it for inspection.