Patients of the Voronezh polyclinic decided not to put on the knees for hospital

In POLIKLINIKA No. 3 in Voronezh dismantled the low-set window of delivery of sick-lists, before which patients had to kneel. The administration of the medical institution ordered to install a new doorway to an acceptable height. It will appear in the next couple of days, according to the portal

In conversation with the newspaper “MINE! Online” the Deputy chief doctor on medical part of Olga Reznikova told that the previous window corresponds to the project of a clinic, and current standards of GOST and SanPiN. According to her, the patients never complained about his height. “But once there was such an unusual situation, we immediately reacted”, she added.

Before it became known that the Voronezh polyclinic №3 for a long time, individuals had to kneel in front of the window of the issuance of the hospital. Many Internet users pointed out that this situation is demeaning to the citizens. One of the residents of Voronezh argued that such a window has at least one local medical facility.

Background: Patients Voronezh, the clinics were forced to kneel for hospital