Off the coast of Norway crashed Russian helicopter

Off the coast of Norway crashed Russian helicopter

On Board were eight people.

OSLO, October 26. /TASS/. Russian helicopter, which was carrying eight people crashed into the sea near the island of Svalbard a few kilometers from the Russian mining settlement of Barentsburg. A message posted on the page of Norwegian rescue coordination center in Twitter.

Et russisk helikopter med 8 personer om bord har gått ned i havet 2-3 km fra Barentsburg. HRS NN koordinerer og vil komme med mer info.

— HRS Nord-Norge (@HRSNordNorge) October 26, 2017

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It is noted that the helicopter was flying from the preserved village of Pyramid in Barentsburg. At 15:35 local time (16:35 GMT), the centre received a message that the helicopter was gone, 10 minutes later, the fact of the incidents has been confirmed.

A rescue operation coordinated by Severinovich unit of the rescue center.