Mystery carpet of apples in an Irish garden: what happened?

Mystery carpet of apples in an Irish garden: what happened?

An amazing carpet of apples in one of the Irish towns, where cider has attracted the attention of photographers and has led many to wonder what had really happened.

The impression is that someone carefully, apples to apples, put them a huge area of the garden.

As told to the author of the photos Tony Egan, apples in the gardens under the Irish city Clonmellon fell from strong winds caused by hurricane “Ophelia,” swept over Ireland on 16 October.

Apple orchards occupy a huge area, but this relatively small area, according to the photographer, is located in a valley close by the river Suir.

“Because of the hurricane, the river overflowed and flooded the gardens, collecting all the fallen apples on this site. For some time the apples were floating here on the surface, and when the water subsided, they lay on the ground evenly,” — said the Russian service Bi-bi-si Tony Egan, who lives near the gardens.

On the ground were mainly apples, are grown for the production of cider.

The photographer who formerly worked for one of the companies-producers of cider, said that the photographs displayed on the site is only a tiny part of the vast territory of Apple orchards.

“What you see in the pictures is less than one percent of the entire territory, so that the production of cider, everything is not affected,” — telling fans he’s Irish cider.

The Apple harvest of these species in this region is only just beginning.

“Harvest is expected in the coming weeks, but last week a big part of Irish apples was beaten as a result of unprecedented weather events,” confirmed a representative of the manufacturer of cider.

Hurricane Ophelia, which struck last week in Ireland has left thousands of homes without power and uprooted many trees.

The wind speed on the southern coast of Ireland reached 176 km/h. Some schools were forced to stop work for a few days.