Mosiychuk came to himself and made a statement

Igor Mosiychuk

The Verkhovna Rada Deputy from the Radical party Igor Mosiychuk, who was in Kiev assassinated, operated and recovered. This was reported on his page in Facebook.

“The operation was successful. Doctors assess the condition of Igor Mosiychuk as moderate. Now he was transferred to the intensive care unit, he has recovered, and thanks for your support”, — stated in the message.

Mosiychuk made a statement in which he called those who are “sitting in Moscow,” the masterminds behind the attack, and the performers, in his opinion, local. “It is possible that the agents among the Patriotic environment. This is the first attempt on a statesman of such level in Ukraine”, — he said.

“I stayed alive only thanks to my deceased guard him. He is a former eagle, 2013 standing on the other side of the fence. And yesterday he died saving me nationalist. Life is not black and white. To win, we should be aware of. Ukrainian Nація must be United, turned the page internal strife”, — said Mosiychuk (the spelling of the word “nation” is given as in the original — approx. “Of the”).

Mosiychuk expressed his sincere condolences to the family of the deceased bodyguard. “I will never forget them. Now I have three children. Third child — four-year-old Ruslan”, — he said.

Updating your status Mosiychuk was admitted said that he had struck the right side, where there was an explosion.

The attack happened on Wednesday evening, October 25, on the street Adam Mickiewicz near the five-storey building, the editorial office of the TV channel “espresso”. The explosive device was laid in the motorcycle. According to the latest data, which results in your Facebook the leader of Radical party Oleg Lyashko, died from his wounds two policemen: Ruslan Kushnir — guard Mosiychuk and 36-year-old police captain Michael Mermel, who lived next door.

Upon explosion criminal case under article 258 of the Criminal code of Ukraine (“Terrorist act”), the case will be investigated by the SBU.

Background: the Explosion in Kiev, classified as a terrorist attack