Budget lost 47 billion rubles Roscosmos

From the public budget is missing information about 47 billion roubles the state Corporation “Rosatom” promised to give the state in the summer of 2017. About it reports RBC.

Debt identified by the audit chamber in the conclusion of the Agency on amendments to the Federal budget in 2017, it is clarified that we are talking about debt “Roscosmos” income from foreign counterparties. The funds were received by the predecessor Corporation’s Federal space Agency.

In June, the Ministry of Finance laid the budget of 46.9 billion rubles to repay the debt of the Agency. This was done on the basis of promises of “Roscosmos” to return the funds in the summer, say the auditors. However, in August the Corporation has asked the Finance Ministry to exclude this amount from revenue forecast.

The chamber noted that the Ministry of Finance, however, had adjusted estimate revenues from “Roscosmos” to the Federal budget. “To draw a conclusion about preservation in other non-tax revenues of the Federal budget revenues for repayment of debts of previous years, according to international treaties of the Federal space Agency in the amount of 46.9 billion rubles is not possible”,— said in the conclusion.

As noted by the chamber, the bill on amendments to the budget in 2017 is not given the detail of other non-tax revenues, which should be the return of debts “Roscosmos”. Thus in summer the amendments this specification was, and how has it in the budget bill for 2018-2020.

In June, the court satisfied the claim of “Roscosmos” to the Khrunichev Center and ruled that the defendant’s 3.2 billion rubles of losses due to crash of the carrier rocket “proton-M” in 2013.

The Federal space Agency was abolished in December 2015. Instead, it was created created state Corporation “Roscosmos”.