American lived for months with rotting and stinking corpse of aunt

Police in the us state of Georgia have arrested a 37-year-old Charles Frederick Peters, who was not informed about the death of her aunt, continuing to live in her apartment. Reported by the Daily News.

According to the detention order, the body of 88-year-old Elizabeth Stewart was found in her room. Lying on the bed the body was covered with a towel.

The guards assume that an American died over a month ago. Trying to hide the stench, Peters has placed on the home fragrances and candles.

A police officer Delon claims that the man entered the apartment about a year ago and continued to live in it, regardless of the deceased relative. “The computer was turned on, everywhere scattered clothes, in the sink lay dirty dishes, near the front door — mail and mobile phone”, — quotes the words of eyewitnesses, the New York Post.

Police said the building Manager Vincent Rodriguez, who came to the woman for the money to pay for the apartment. According to the newspaper, Stuart, who suffered from dementia, died of natural causes. None of the relatives of Peters never spoke about the incident.