A thrill-seeker took off into the sky on balloons

A thrill-seeker took off into the sky on balloons

To soar into the sky on a flimsy stool tied to her balloon — isn’t that a crazy idea? For two desperate guys-help is also doable.

The The Adventurists (“Adventurers”) on YouTube the famous and not so fun. In Tanzania, a race they sailed along the coast with fishing boats, slipped on the Soviet motorcycles on icy lake Baikal, drove 3500 miles on worn-out stories of tuk tuks in India.

And have now decided to climb into the sky on balloons. As these plans were preparing, it is possible to see in the videotizer:

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The guys took the usual rubber balls for parties, filled with helium, tied them to a chair (not very reliable), and took off into the sky. Tom Morgan flew over Johannesburg (South Africa) at the height of 2.4 km Inclement weather conditions forced the adventurer to go down, but he managed to fly about 25 km.

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The idea from the movie “Up” not so impossible, but still dangerous and requires serious preparation.

More than ten years ago a Muscovite Vitaly Kulikov, a graduate of MSU, too, was raised on balloons.

He correctly calculated how many balls he will need to rise into the air (more than 200 at the height of 2100 meters and more than 1500 balls for 10 000 km), I bought the most durable latex, so they do not burst in low temperatures, and put them in a nylon sling with a load-bearing carabiners. Design it put directly into your suit, no chair without using.

Vitaly managed to fly up to a height of 5 724 m, after which it gradually declined due to the bursting balls, and from the fact that the helium was vented, inevitably seeping through the latex. The pilot flew 64 miles and landed in the Tver region. Look, it had a few hours.