Winter took twice. The masses of the people nearly drowned the revolution in wine?

Winter took twice. The masses of the people nearly drowned the revolution in wine?

The first storming of the Winter Palace in the night from 25 to 26 October 1917, became a part of history. But about the fact that a few days later the Palace again attacked soldiers, sailors and workers in the USSR preferred not to remember.


The object of the assault this time are the wine cellars of the Winter Palace, where he kept a fifth of all alcohol Petrograd. Alluring wine spirit easily killed the revolutionary spirit of the “victorious proletariat”, the crowd rushed to empty the Royal warehouses. And if the taking of the Winter killed several people, then the massacre of his cellars drank himself to death and drowned in the spilled wine a lot more people.

“To finish the leftovers!”

Immediately after the fall of the Provisional government, the Winter Palace became the object of universal curiosity: the people wanted to see where they lived “bloody kings”.

Spontaneous trips to no good cause could not. Victims of “sightseers” were portraits of Alexander III and Nicholas II, pricked with bayonets, broken dishes and furniture. People grab door handles, linens, silverware, cut the upholstery from the furniture. However, the damage was relatively small: a significant part of the Winter treasures and the Hermitage was in the evacuation.

Almost the biggest value was the wine cellar of the Palace. There were rare wines, cognacs and other spirits for many millions of gold roubles, 100 thousand bottles! There was Massandra, French, Spanish, Italian wines, rare cognacs and liqueurs, whiskey luxury brands, select vodka and beer. In these cellars with the slogan “we have Finished the remains of the Romanov!” and stormed the Winter Palace, the defeat of the revolutionary masses. Guarding the entrance to the wine Treasury the soldiers of the Transfiguration and Pavlovsky regiments got drunk with cheering people.

Delivered to the guard by the Bolsheviks of the St. Petersburg workers-the guards could hold out only a sober day. Not completed its task and armored cars, was sent for the Winter to restore order. Their crews gave as many bottles that the soldiers immediately forgot about everything and immediately started tasting. Sent to the Winter and firefighters who had to fill a wine cellar with water, but those, too drunk themselves.

The entrances to the cellar tried to immure first one brick, then two, but nothing helped — the afflicted were dismantled bricks or penetrated into the cellar through the window, landed lattice.

The soldiers were beaten with rifle butts, wooden cork from wine barrels, pierced them with bayonets and drank until falling in the spilled wine cellar sea. Many choked to death, their corpses were pulled out and laid in a row on the square.