There is something to hide

There is something to hide

Why the CIA doesn’t want to declassify documents about the Kennedy assassination.

Wednesday, October 25, with documents about the assassination of John Kennedy should be declassified. We are talking about several thousands of cases that needed to be made public in accordance with the law adopted in 1992. The CIA has called on Donald trump to block the publication — but it is unclear whether it will go the us President. He has previously stated that the archives will be open in time. Now only trump depends — whether he will stay in history as the man who solved the great riddle in the history of the United States.

Kennedy tried to get Castro, but Castro got to him first.

This phrase, uttered by U.S. President Lyndon Johnson in an interview to ABC, became a strong argument in favor of one of the most popular conspiracy theories about the assassination of John Fitzgerald Kennedy, the 35th President of the United States. These versions there is a great variety — ranging from the fact that Kennedy took on a distant planet aliens, hypnotizing, and intimidating witnesses to the point that everything was organized by NASA to hide the traces of the moon Scam. Version, Lee Harvey Oswald, a crazy loner with a rifle, seemed too dull.

The non-American man hysteria surrounding the Kennedy assassination may seem strange. The world is cruel, and in many countries happened story pohlesche. In the end the same US before Kennedy was killed three presidents — Abraham Lincoln, James Garfield and William McKinley. But it is history Kennedy caught everyone’s attention — too many people crossed the road charismatic Irishman first, almost unleashed a nuclear war, and later calling for friendship with the Soviet Union.

Family is family

Joseph Kennedy, nicknamed Joe, a successful businessman and diplomat, took these words as his personal motto and rule of life for nine of their offspring. Joseph was someone to navigate: his father, Patrick Joseph Kennedy, had passed a hard way from a loader at the port until a successful businessman and Senator, leaving their children and grandchildren a solid state and a lot of useful links, and party affiliation: all the Kennedy’s were Democrats.

Joe Kennedy hoped that his eldest son, Joseph Patrick, will become President. But he died in the war in 1944, when his bomber detonated the cargo of explosives. Heavy duty to meet the expectations of the family fell on the shoulders of the second son, John. In contrast to his elder brother since childhood, he wasn’t trained, just like many other world leaders, including Rajiv Gandhi and Bashar al-Assad.

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Ambitious children of Joseph Kennedy waited for bad luck. Joseph died in the war, John and Robert got shot, Edward barely escaped death in the accident and a few attempts, she crashed in the plane and rosemary after a botched operation almost lost my mind. This fatal chain of coincidences led to the fact that people are talking about ostensible clan “the Kennedy curse”. This “curse”, however, has not prevented the members of the family to achieve outstanding results — among Kennedy was, for example, six congressmen and two senators and the Ambassador. But above all rose John Kennedy fulfilled his father’s dream and became finally President.

Atypical President

John charming was one of the most unusual U.S. presidents. To begin with, it is the only one on this post, was a devout Catholic.

Kennedy rules for only three years, but they were immensely rich. During this period, missed the second Berlin crisis, the Bay of Pigs, sending American troops to South Vietnam and the Cuban missile crisis. When it launched the Apollo program ended in the end landing a man on the moon, a Treaty was signed banning the testing of nuclear weapons and laid the foundations of the OSCE.

Term Kennedy patchwork of victories and defeats. It is not a “dove”: when necessary, the President acted tough, trying to impose the Soviet leaders their will. In this June 10, 1963, a few months before his murder, he stated that the only possible way for States to ensure peace between Washington and Moscow by expanding the understanding between the two countries.

In domestic policy, Kennedy was also not shy in the media, came to a direct confrontation with the monopolies, demanding lower prices, tried to push through Congress the budget, which included tax cuts and at the same time the reduction of social needs. Kennedy openly supported the movement for the equation of black rights and met with Martin Luther king.

This short but brilliant career ended in Dallas, Texas on 22 November 1963. John with his wife socialite Jacqueline came to Texas in the electoral campaign in the last election the Texans despite his reputation as staunch Republicans voted for Democrats due to the fact that in conjunction with Kennedy to the position of Vice President was a native of the state of Lyndon Johnson, and now Kennedy wanted to build on the success. When the President’s motorcade was driving down elm street, shots rang out. John Fitzgerald Kennedy was shot twice in the back and in the head and died in hospital.

Arrested on suspicion of the murder of former marine Lee Harvey Oswald two days later was shot by a nightclub owner Jack ruby as he later explained, to justify Dallas in the eyes of Americans.

Despite the findings of numerous commissions of inquiry, who argue that Oswald acted alone, still the majority of Americans believe that Kennedy died as a result of a conspiracy. According to the latest data collected by the “Gallup”, convinced of this, 61% of Americans — and this is the lowest figure in the last half a century: four years ago, there were 76%. Versions a lot, consider only the most popular ones.