The white house has deemed the investigation of the uranium deal with Moscow, “the right step”

The white house has deemed the investigation of the uranium deal with Moscow, “the right step”

The investigation of the U.S. Congress on possible violations at the conclusion of Washington’s uranium deal with Moscow is “a step in the right direction.” Such opinion during a briefing was expressed by White house spokesman Sarah Sanders, transcript of the press conference published on the website of the administration of the President of the United States.

“Of course, I think it’s a step in the right direction,” she responded to a question, adding that White house officials have repeatedly pointed out — “if during the [presidential] campaign [under the agreement] has been no collusion or secret agreement was signed with any other country — need to look at [ex-presidential candidate Hillary] Clinton.” “So I think that it [the investigation of the uranium deal with Russia] properly,” concluded Sanders, noting however, that “directly” did not discuss the matter with the President of the United States Donald trump.

About the investigation by Congress of the uranium the US deal with Russia became known yesterday, October 24. This was stated by the head of the intelligence Committee of the house of representatives David Newns. This is a Russian-American agreement was reached in 2010. Hillary Clinton during this period, he held the position of Secretary of state, the transaction was approved by the administration of former President Barack Obama. According to her, under control of the Russian Corporation “Rosatom” has passed the canadian uranium mining company Uranium One, which allowed Russia to control the fifth part of all ore deposits in the United States.

Later, in March, to investigate the agreement called for Donald trump. A month later, in this regard, he accused Hillary Clinton of having ties with Russia, saying about the benefits of uranium deal to be the head of a campaign Committee of former U.S. Secretary of state John Podestà. The latter, according to the American leader, “together with his brother owns a company in Russia.” Then trump also recalled that the husband of his former rival in the presidential race, bill Clinton in 2010, she appeared in Russia at the annual investors ‘ conference organized by Bank “Renaissance Capital”, analysts who recommended the shares of Uranium One to buy. For his performance he received a fee of $500 thousand.