The Weinstein company has filed the first lawsuit because of the harassment, producer

The Weinstein company has filed the first lawsuit because of the harassment, producer

Against the American film company the Weinstein Company filed the first lawsuit for sexual harassment producer and co-founder Harvey Weinstein. It is reported Bloomberg.

“The company knew or should have known that Weinstein is luring young aspiring Actresses in a risky situation under the guise of business meetings”, — is spoken in the materials of the case. A lawsuit in a Los Angeles court handed Hollywood actress, known for the TV series “Blue blood,” Dominic hett.

The actress reports that the company’s negligence and demanding compensation. According to her, the Board of Directors of film studios, including the Weinstein’s brother Bob, the second founder of the company, was aware of the inclinations Harvey.

The Director molested the girl in 2010 in Beverly hills, insisting she gave him a massage.

Bloomberg emphasizes that the company is already under investigation, organized by attorney General Eric Sneiderman in new York in connection with allegations of a decade of sexual assault and harassment by Harvey Weinstein.

Ron Hofmann, a representative of the company Weinstein Co., at the time of publication did not have time to reply to the letter of publication with a request to comment on the lawsuit.

The investigation began after the number of declared sexual harassment of women on the part of the producer exceeded 60. Sam Weinstein was dismissed from the company on 8 October, after earlier in the New York Times published an investigation about sexual harassment producer. From the Weinstein Company was having problems with the customers, and in mid-October, the company announced the negotiations about its sale.

Harvey Weinstein, along with brother Robert, founded the Weinstein Company in 2005, after he left they founded in 1970-ies Miramax Films. Sam Weinstein was personally produced several films directed by Quentin Tarantino — “pulp fiction”, “Inglourious Basterds”, “Django unchained” and “Kill bill”.