The journalists filed a lawsuit on the FSB due to the requirement to disclose the correspondence in the Telegram

Oleg Kashin

Journalists Oleg Kashin and Alexander Plyuschev has filed lawsuits to the Federal security service of Russia (FSB) for the requirements of the security forces to Telegram provide encryption keys user correspondence. This was reported in Facebook account Kashin.

According to the journalist, they are counterpart considered that the requirement of the FSB affects their right to confidential communication with sources of information. “It [the Telegram] I discuss almost everything that interests me, and everything I write, including politicians, civil servants and even sometimes with the security forces. Trusting each other, and I, and my interlocutors always hope that our conversations will not appear someone else”, he said.

Kashin noted that the security agents, using “their special position in the state,” trying to violate their rights and harm the development of the whole society. He said that in the court journalists will represent the international organization “Agora”, which is already Telegram in the case against the FSB. “With God”, — the journalist summed up.

16 Oct petty-bourgeois court of Moscow has fined the messenger on 800 thousand roubles for failing to give the FSB access to the correspondence users. Telegram founder Pavel Durov has promised to challenge the court’s decision and assembled a team of lawyers.

Durov said that he will appeal the court’s decision, because the requirements contradict the messenger of the 23rd article of the Russian Constitution, which States that everyone has the right to privacy of correspondence, telephone conversations, postal, Telegraph and other messages.