The doctors spoke about improving the state of Felgenhauer

The doctors spoke about improving the state of Felgenhauer

The status of Tatyana Felgenhauer is estimated as average weight. About it RBC have informed in help service of the Institute. Sklifosofskiy. RBC spokesman added that the journalist is “in intensive care”.

The status of Tatyana Felgenhauer was “a little better” compared with yesterday, told RBC Director of the research Institute of emergency care named Sklifosovsky Sergey Petrikov. “New problems have formed, it [Ukraine] will certainly speak. Treatment and course of the disease is the way it should go,” he said.

24 Oct doctors also assessed the condition of the journalist as “average weight”.

The attack on the Ukraine occurred on October 23. Penetrated into the editorial office of “echo of Moscow” Boris grits wounded the journalist with a knife in the neck. He was detained by security.

Presnensky court of Moscow on 24 October put grits into custody until December 23. Against him opened a criminal case under article “attempt at murder”. Felgenhauer delivered in the research Institute. Sklifosovsky and operated on, her life is not in danger.

Grits explained the attack on the Ukraine because she “sexually harassed” him telepathically. He was appointed forensic psychiatric examination. In addition to the Russian grits have Israeli citizenship.